corslet (plural: corslets)

  1. Armor for the body, as, the body breastplate and backpiece taken together.
    • 1786: He is able to pierce a corslet with his eye, talks like a knell, and his hum is a battery. — William Shakespeare, Coriolanus, Act V, Scene IV, line 20.
  2. Also used for the entire suit of the day, including breastplate and backpiece, tasset and headpiece.

7 letters in word "corslet": C E L O R S T.

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cel cels celt celts ceorl ceorls cero ceros cert certs close closer closet clot clote clotes clots col cole coles cols colt colter colts cor core cores cors corse corset cos cose coset cost coste coster cot cote cotes cots cresol crest eco el els elt elts eorl eorls er eros ers erst es escort escot escrol est estoc estro et lect lector lects les lest let lets lo lor lore lores los lose loser lost lot lote lotes lots oe oes ole oles or orc orcs ore ores orle orles ors ort orts os ose ostler re rec recs recto rectos res rest ret rets roc rocs roe roes role roles rose roset rost rot rote rotes rotl rotls rots sco score scot scoter sec seco sect sector sel ser set sloe slot so soc socle sol sole soler sore sorel sort sot st sterol stole store te tel telos tels tes to toc tocs toe toes tole toles tor torc torcs tore tores tors torse torsel tose tres